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If anyone needs to go to wilson maritno please dont. I went to h ave my wisdom tooth pulled and come to find out they actually cracked the tooth right next to it.

Not to mention the cost was through the roogh added all in w/ what insurance paid it was 339.00 for 1 emergency extraction and no laughing gas. I refuse to go there ever again....

The one place that I would recomend however is Dr.

Hatefields office in Fairmont WV, on East Side, the people were very nice and cost affective it was great. I luvd it

Monetary Loss: $339.

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Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States #821730

Wilson Martino Dental does not extract wisdom teeth, only an oral surgeon can do that. This is a Hatfield employee trying to make other dental offices look bad. They have done the same thing to many other offices in the area.


Dr. Hatfield and his staff are rude and unprofessional.

he needs classes in consumer relations and business management. Poor character also.


Wilson Martino has decided to help themselves to my bank account 3 months after they were supposed to. This is bs!


I switched to Wilson-Martino 3 years ago from a cheaper 'network' dentist. I had serious dental problems and months' long waiting on my 'insurance approved'' dentist.

Wilson-Martino took me in immediately and basically saved my mouth. I'll never go anywhere else.

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